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here is the answer

hello my dear sister and brother, i have already make an answer for at least 2 task that i given you last week. i manage to do it for at least first 2 question. however, the rest of it, i see it pretty similar, so decided not giving you guys full answer scrip.for your result, i only will be able publish here another 2 days comes. i'm so sorry for not keeping my promise, insyaAllah it will be in. so, please take a look and happy study guyz..
material cost variance : P03: 7.625 + Q12: -2.859
                                  : 4.76591 F

Material price variance : P03: 5.375 + Q12: -0.9834
                                   : 4.3916

Material usage variance : P03: 2.25 + Q12: - 0.2075
                                     : 2.0425

Direct labour cost variance : 835 UF
Direct labour rate variance : 0.6958 UF
Efficiency variance : 15,750

direct labour cost variance = 0.312 UF
direct labour rate = 0.312 UF
Labour efficiency = 1

* please do some explaination on every correct answer, this will give you an extra mark to get distinction.

Exam tips for HND2 !!!
1. read costing system..remember each of the system and explain it.
2. read also costing techniques
3. study on making decision, especially on how to choose between two option, sell or rent..
4. make sure dont forget break-even formula and know how to calculate it
5. read on any step in financial planning process
6. read also the important of master budget and factors influence decision
7.last but not least, variance analysis, the question maybe direct, maybe not..maybe involving in making decision.

well you guyz..good, jangan tak tidur..nanti ngantuk..

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