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Google Analytics and Adwords: My learning journey

Now is 11:11am and it reminds me of the Taeyeon song title 11:11. while I surf the internet and found to notice one of my best buddies updating his status on facebook saying he attending master class for Google Analytics and Adwords. I had to admit that I am dying to attend a workshop like this. Yes I am..unfortunately I was not given chance to attend it since I am no longer teaching entrepreneurship or anything else (please don't ask what I am doing now, I don't feel to share it now...haha).

So I decided to call him and asked him to teach me as same as he learns in that workshop. As usual, he agreed (Luckily he always push me to become an entrepreneur, so a lesson like this is more than welcome... but somehow if I tak start, of course, kena laser). So without further due, we've set out time and meet up at my old office (owh tempat jatuh lagikan kan pula tempat pergaduhan..haha).

Fast forward to that day, it has been 6 years I am not stepping my foot at this college. I had to admit it I miss the smell, the environment, but it all mixed up..all the beautiful and sadness come to my head. (Ok that time I shake my head hard to let it go). Rushed to his office so that I can get my things done quickly.

He started by saying that I have to open my Google Analytics account. Which was I suddenly found out that I had open it since 2013.. what a silly lady you are waney. I opened it when I was in the UK. but honestly, I forgot how it works (ok this is serious, what happened to you?) Many things he shared and I was delighted to learn from him as he is the top scorer for this!! Yes he is the top scorer and King of Malaysia Tupperware and a founder of Team Power legacy (Don't believe me? click his website to stalk him closely haha He said that I need to start writing back on my blog, which was I am writing once a year (Owh shows that your job now is not suitable for you..sigh). Ok let me tell you guys, what is Google Analytics? Is it important? Basically, Google Analytics is one of a Web Analytics Tool. There have other things that we can consider using to measure our blog performance. Google Analytics has become one of the most popular Web analytics tools for reasons :

1. It's easy to integrate into your blog
2. It provides a comprehensive result
3. It provides reasonably accurate results
4. It's free

He always in multitasks, proof? updating handphone and lappy at the same time

From what I learnt, Google Analytics provides variety report so that you can easily track your blog's statistic including tracking your advertising and promotional campaigns. but before you can proceed with all these you have to set up Google account, like blogger, Gmail, and so on.

Long story short, may I share what I learnt by listing it step by step below:-

1. Open your account by typing and fill up form in Google Analytics
2. Once you set up, click on the top left on the page and select "All Website Data"
3. Then you need to select "Tracking Info" it will pull down tab then you have to select " Tracking code"
4. You will see your tracking code. Copy it and past it on your blog (to past on your blog, read it below)
5. walla.. you can see real-time analytics from your google analytics

The second part: paste the tracking Id to your blog

1. open up your blog page
2. select "setting" on the left part the page
3. select other, then past the google analytics code at the Google Analytics column at the bottom of the page.

 It was a wonderful learning day for me, and Syam you made my day!! may our wish come true and we become a successful entreprenuer..amin

me and syam..million thanks, buddy!!

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